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I confirm that since February 2015, Iconic Property Services PTY LTD have provided my family residence with exceptional cleaning in the areas of internal and external housekeeping.

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Your Safety is Guaranteed with our Security Guard Service in Perth

Our team ensures the optimum safety of your staff, customers and buildings, so you can achieve peace-of-mind and remain worry-free. Well-trusted and highly trained, we are the ideal security guard service for your business, government office or retail environment.

Iconic security provides protection for both our clients’ personnel and property, especially in sensitive business environments where loss of information may be detrimental. With care and delicacy, we handle stressful situations professionally, to achieve the most streamlined outcome.

Our wide range in Perth

Iconic caters for a wide range of security guard services to benefit our clients’ safety. To ensure we always have a range of options available for you, to suit any need that may arise, we offer:

  • retail on commercial security
  • mobile patrols
  • intruder alarm on CCTV monitoring
  • concierge security services
  • certified risk management audits
  • electronic system installation and monitoring
  • customer service audits

Personalised security service

We cater for our client’s personal environment in accordance with their personal preferences. We understand that every person, and every business, is different and therefore strive for precision when dealing with different clients. Whatever your values may be, we will meet them.

Please feel free to speak to us if any specific need arises and we will tailor our services accordingly.

Professional security guards

Our security guards are fully licensed and trained under the very highest standards and will go to great lengths to provide the best possible security service. Our team continuously undergoes training to ensure our commitment to the safety of our clients, customers and staff.

Iconic staff are trained with the best specific skills that complement your business so they are equipped to handle any type of commercial building, shopping centre, hospital or any other building. Our staff are trained in Customer Service and Compliance which contribute to the overall safety that your building requires. All of our employees work under the direction of our client’s management to secure the best possible security requirements that match your centre’s individual needs.

Please contact our Perth-based cleaner team to discuss your requirements.


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