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I confirm that since February 2015, Iconic Property Services PTY LTD have provided my family residence with exceptional cleaning in the areas of internal and external housekeeping.

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Claudia Canning

Reliable and Expert Retail Cleaning for Perth Businesses

Our teams are experts in the provision of retail services, creating optimal shopping and retail environments for each customer who walks in the door. Working at the forefront of the industry, we have developed trusting partnerships with market leading retailers and are dedicated to servicing the needs of every client.

We specialise in cleaning retail shopping centres in Perth. The teams are able to provide services in every aspect of retail cleaning to provide a clean, safe and warm environment for both the customers and the client.

Creating a welcoming retail experience

Iconic employees focus on creating a positive shopping experience for customers by maintaining the centre’s environment to the high possible standard. Every customer wants to walk into an environment where they feel immediately at home, where they can safely make purchases. We understand the dynamic between a clean and secure shopping environment and happy customers; if the customer feels like they belong in the centre, revenue increases and customers are likely to return.

A clean working environment boosts productivity and wellbeing of the workers, so they complete their best work.

Cleaning staff are an essential component of any successful precinct. We only aim for the best when deploying our staff to your centres.

The Iconic retail cleaning team  

Our team is very approachable and carry great customer service qualities. We pride ourselves in creating a great relationship between our team and the team of the centres. We provide the essential services involved in creating a safe and clean environment for customers, no matter if they have just walked in to the centre, or are in the middle of their Perth retail experience. Our service packages include:

  • Food court attendant services
  • Washroom cleaning, including basin, floor, mirror, bowl and cistern
  • Garbage disposal throughout the centre

The Iconic team is given a great deal of ongoing training and development to ensure they meet the environmental standards of centres. We are dedicated to the on-going education of our staff and strive to achieve constant excellence.

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