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I confirm that since February 2015, Iconic Property Services PTY LTD have provided my family residence with exceptional cleaning in the areas of internal and external housekeeping.

The staff (...)

Claudia Canning

Iconic Property Services PTY LTD committed to leadership in quality cleaning services. The test of this quality will be how well we anticipate and satisfy our customer’s needs. This is our corporate goal that will be achieved by:

  • Our commitment to a program of continuous improvement in the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers, and in the performance of our line and staff operations by maintaining a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • Our focus on continuously improving the way we undertake every task, working safely, using equipment and materials correctly, and abiding by State and Commonwealth Legislation.
  • Teamwork from all who share an interest in the Company’s success: Management, Employees, and Sub-contractors.
  • The Quality policy shall be communicated to all staff. This will be reinforced through Business Newsletters, on noticeboards at each workplace and in the distribution of various policies, procedures and work instructions.
  • Business Management will continually demonstrate to all employees its commitment to the Quality Management System by insisting on conformance to the policies and procedures detailed within system and through its professional approach to all aspects of the Business.
  • The principal objective of the Quality Management System is customer satisfaction. To ensure this objective is achieved the Business’ policies, procedures and general approach to quality will focus on understanding customer requirements, expectations, and continuous improvement.
  • The Quality Objectives for external service delivery are determined in and form part of each customer contract. Conformance to these objectives will be measured through regular contract review with the external customer and corrective/preventive action plans will be used as necessary within each Operating Business and support function when improvement is identified as a requirement.

Quality is, and will remain a key business objective of

Iconic Property Services PTY LTD

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