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The key benefits we have identified with Iconic Property Services PTY LTD is the Management and Training given to the staff. The team at Iconic Property Services PTY LTD displays a high level (...)

Steve Canning – The Centurion Group

Management System Overview


Iconic Property Service has been prepared to ISO 9001:2008 Quality: OH&S, Environmental and Security Standards. We will use our Quality Management System as the basic for all documentation and processes required under this contract

The corporate quality system includes Work Practices (WP) that are linked Iconic Property Services PTY LTD Policies and Procedures (PP) adopted across the Iconic Property Services PTY LTD.

Copies of all Policies and Procedures formatted in the Handbooks-posted on Sites and within the Head Office Training Room and in electronic formats.

The Quality Manager is responsible for the overall management of our Quality Management System with Managers and Site Supervision being responsible for the implementation and ongoing conformance of service delivery to these standards.

To ensure compliance with our quality management system, we will adopt a regular “Monthly Joint Service Review” program and our Area Managers will meet your representative at least once every month to review service delivery and discuss opportunities for continuous improvement. We treat this as an opportunity for a “Performance Review” of our activities. In addition, our procedures are audited on a regular basis, by an independent third party against the standard.

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