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Its been my intention all week to send you an email, I highly endorse the high standard of work these cleaners are providing. Such a delight to arrive to a clean, fresh smelling facility (...)

Barbara Simpson

Our commitment to the endurance of systems and processes reduces the risk to exposure and allows clients to comply with reporting requirements.

We believe in the importance of providing our clients safety, level of risk and cleaning frequencies. Our services focus on cleaning effectively whilst providing minimal damage to the environment. We work with our clients and suppliers to develop new individual methods and materials to improve the quality of our cleaning services. Iconic Property Services PTY LTD creates custom built cleaning services based on our client’s individual needs. We build a team that devotes themselves to the excellence of the clients. We continually train our staff so they are aware of the correct safety procedures.

We have a growing awareness and focus on Quality of Services, and training of our team. We are proud of our company’s accreditation to the Quality Standards IS09001-2008.

We recruit staff that are committed to providing clients with outstanding services, which include providing a personal approach that s still professional but enhances the overall cleaning performance. Within our growing management team with are proud to have a Certified Training Accessor to facilitate individual learning and group based delivery. We use, foster and promote learning and deliver the tools required to meet our client’s needs. We organize, plan and assess the competence of our staff prior to placement on our client’s sites.

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