Environment and Sustainability

We are committed to protect the environment.


Its been my intention all week to send you an email, I highly endorse the high standard of work these cleaners are providing. Such a delight to arrive to a clean, fresh smelling facility (...)

Barbara Simpson

Iconic Property Services PTY LTD believes in using products and tools that are protecting the environment whilst keeping our clients buildings exceptionally clean. To promote an ecofriendly and safe environmental system we follow specific guidelines and principles to ensure the best outcome for both the client and the environment.

We are proud to have achieved Green Stamp Environmental Accreditation and Environmental with a growing awareness on reducing the impact on the environment. Iconic is committed to a green and clean environment. We are pleased to use the latest Green Seal accredited bio-degradable and environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals products and consumable materials.

Iconic Property Services PTY LTD makes sure to use environmentally friendly cleaning products and contemporary methods and procedures to reduce any harmful impact on the environment. This ensures the client with a safer, healthier and more hygienic safety environment. We work in a range of varied environments and use a vast amount of resources to clean effectively, however our team is specially trained in delivering a safe atmosphere. Iconic Property Services PTY LTD use and offer the following environmentally friendly products and services:

  • Green cleaning products and water wise machines
  • Reusable microfibre cleaning cloths
  • Water recycling products
  • Biodegradable products
  • Waste management (recycling) consultancy

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